BFBC2 Client

1. If you do not have a ZLO game account already, create an account at and then validate your account from the confirmation email.

2. Official ZLO Game download

2.1 For a guide with pictures please look HERE

3. Next download the

4. Unzip and place in your BFBC2 folder, overwriting the original files.

5. Update PunkBuster. utility to update you can download it HERE

6. Set the utility service PunkBuster

7. Download and install DirectX

8. Install the latest version of the video driver is appropriate for your video card.

9. Install the latest version of the audio driver is appropriate for your sound card.

10. Log in game using your details.

11. PLAY!!
To solve this, set compatibility to Vista SP2.
Remember to add BFBC2 to your Punkbuster or download Punkbuster if necessary
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